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Chimney repairs & repointing

It is vitally important to keep your chimneys in good repair. Every home or building needs a secure, watertight roof and keeping an eye on your chimneys is an essential part of overall roof care. Over time, the flaunching (the cement at the base of the chimney pot that holds it in place) and the pointing can break apart and fail, letting in rain and causing damp. Add in a bad frost and there can be serious deterioration of your chimney. Left unattended, your chimney will eventually become unstable, which can be dangerous.


We recommend regular checks of your roof and your chimneys and preventative repairs with fresh pointing and flaunching to keep your chimneys in excellent condition.


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Chimney repairs

Rigney Restoration

The benefits of chimney repairs & repointing

While, of course, there is an aesthetic appeal in a beautifully presented chimney with no cracks and gaps, the benefits of proper chimney care extend beyond just appearance.

Top of the list is saving money over time, as having your chimney professionally repaired and looked after will keep your chimney in prime condition for longer and prevent any structural issues which could lead to collapse. This saves you the cost of replacing your whole chimney and any damage caused by its failure, should the worst happen.


The mortar joints on your chimneys will usually last around 25 years but, over that period of time, they will be exposed to a variety of different weather conditions that can cause damage, including contraction and expansion which will cause the mortar to dry and fall apart. However, your chimney brickwork can last for well over a century and keeping the pointing in good repair can ensure your brickwork lasts as long as it should.


Your chimneys are an important part of your roof and any cracks and gaps can affect your whole roof. Proper repair of your chimneys will include a waterproof sealant that is applied to the joints in the brickwork after pointing. This ensures that damp and rain can’t get into the mortar and cause leaks in the roof.


Strong winds and the typical British and Irish weather can wreak havoc with your pointing and flaunching, causing your chimneys to be less secure and presenting a danger to anyone who lives in or walks near your property. High winds regularly bring down chimneys in poor condition, but it’s easy to prevent any problems with the professional application of pointing and flaunching.

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