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Cleaning buildings is a very specialised skill and you should choose a company that really understands your building, what materials were used to construct it and what methods to apply to produce a safe and beautiful result. Building cleaners also need specialist equipment that is designed to care for your brick or stonework without damaging it during the clean.

Jack Rigney of Dublin based Rigney Restoration is a professional builder and brick cleaner with 10 years’ experience, offering quality craftsmanship and genuine care for your buildings. Get in touch to discuss your cleaning project.

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Before cleaning is started

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We always analyse the construction materials and carefully inspect the building to check its condition and any potential problem areas.

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We then analyse the substances to be removed, whether that’s simply natural dirt and moss, or graffiti from vandalism. We take care to use the right cleaning method for the substance and the construction materials.

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Following our testing, we will perform a test clean on a small area to ensure that it is safe to proceed.

Rigney Restoration

Why you need a specialist brick cleaning company

Incorrect cleaning with the wrong tools and techniques can cause a great deal of damage to brick and stonework, potentially damaging the building fabric beyond repair. This damage would then need to be replaced or repaired, where possible, with the added costs to pay for the work, and the loss of original materials.


When you need the best, count on Rigney Restoration to take great care of your brick and stonework.

brick cleaning

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Two professional methods

Doff Cleaning

Doff cleaning systems don’t use any chemicals. Water is heated to 150 degrees where it exits the system and then applied to the stone or brick to clean it. This system is very gentle as it uses low water pressure and a low volume of water, but it does give excellent results, removing algae, moss, and other biological spores, reducing growth and lessening the need for any chemicals. This method will also remove flexible paints and graffiti.

Torc Cleaning

Torc cleaning is another system that uses low pressure to avoid damage. The system uses water, inert granules, and specially designed nozzles that create a vortex that helps to lift dirt. Our system has larger nozzles to use across large areas of brick or stonework and smaller nozzles to enable us to work on very small details.
This method will remove limescale, brittle paints and carbon sulphation from your building.

We are proud of our Rosette certifications for Doff and Torc cleaners in Ireland. This gives our customers peace of mind that they are getting quality craftsmanship, with each team member fully trained on the equipment and every piece of machinery fully serviced to excellent standards. 

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