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Brick Repair & Restoration

There are many reasons why brick or stone buildings can require brick repair and restoration. And here are just some of things that might cause damage to your brick or stoneware:


  • Older buildings can suffer from weathering which causes damage to brickwork and pointing, and lets in water which damages the interior of the building too.

  • Some buildings have been pointed with materials which aren’t suitable, such as cementitious products, instead of lime mortar, and this can cause damage as the cement product is harder than the brick, which makes the outside of the building weather and dry through the brick or stone, rather than through the pointing, as it should. This can cause the brick or stone to fail before the pointing, because it lets in water and then is damaged by the freeze/thaw cycle, needing replacement or repairs.

  • Painting over brick or stone will also prevent water evaporation, leading to damage to the building exterior.

  • Brick has a natural patina that helps to protect and seal it, but our modern pressure washers can cause serious damage to brickwork, wearing away the patina and allowing in water. Sandblasting causes similar problems which, over time, can lead to replacements or repairs being necessary.

Rigney Restoration

How we restore and repair your brickwork and stonework

We start with removing any previous pointing and then assess the area to be repaired. We look for how much damage has been done, check the construction materials to ensure we use the correct pointing methods in our restoration and look for any areas where replacement bricks or stones may be necessary.

We will do our best to retain as much of the original material as possible, restoring everything from plain brickwork to the most intricate patterns and decorative pieces. If we do have to replace any brick or stone, we will use salvaged brick with a similar colour and type, from as near as we can get to the same period and location, giving a sympathetic restoration.

brick repair

We can also repair bricks if they aren’t too badly damaged using a repair mortar that is designed solely for that job. We can exactly match the colour, delicate patterns and shapes of your original construction material with this method.

Following any repairs and replacements, we will repair pointing or replace it, if necessary, using the original type of mortar and the same techniques as when your building was originally constructed.


At Rigney Restoration, we are dedicated to preserving heritage buildings and we specialise in brick repair and restoration, providing quality craftsmanship to our clients and producing a beautiful finish.

We are Dublin based but work in Ireland and England and as a professional company with 10 years’ experience, we take great care of every building we restore.

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