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Founded by Jack Rigney, Rigney Restoration aim to provide excellence and quality crafstmanship for clients requiring building services in England and Ireland.

Based in Dublin, Jack and his team have 10 years’ experience as professional standard builders, delivering quality that you can count on.

We specialise in brick cleaning, pointing, chimney repairs and brick repairs to provide expert restoration and renovation services, whether you need care for your home, or need specialist help in restoring hotels, heritage sites and other older buildings.



Brick Repair & Restoration

When brick repair and restoration is being carried out, it should always be done by experts in the field who understand how to care for your brickwork and stonework properly.

brick cleaning


Rigney Restoration is a professional builder and brick cleaner with 10 years’ experience, offering quality craftsmanship and genuine care for your buildings.

Chimney repairs & repointing

Every home or building

needs a secure, watertight roof and keeping an eye on your chimneys is an essential part of overall

roof care.

Repointing stonework
& brickwork

Repointing your stonework a

nd brickwork can give your buildings a whole new lease of life, and protect them for years

to come.

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